The tEAG Story

TEAG was founded by Carmel Bond in November 2014. As a newly titled EA, Carmel often felt isolated and sometimes overwhelmed in her role.

Looking at her colleagues, most of whom worked in small teams or large departments, Carmel longed for someone to run ideas past, talk business with, or simply share a few words of support on those super-stressful days.

After speaking on a panel at an EA conference, Carmel came up with the idea of starting an EA group. She casually put the word out to see who in her circle might be interested. Before she knew it, she was flooded with emails from other EAs looking for the exact same things.

It was clear there was a gap in the EA market, and that Melbourne needed a place for EAs and PAs to come together, socialise, support, connect, inspire, learn and grow. Carmel made it her mission to fill this gap – and so MEAG was born.

TEAG hosts regular meetings exclusively for Admin Professionals, EAs and PAs. These meetings provide the perfect platform to network, share industry knowledge and support like-minded peers as you navigate together through what can be a challenging, although incredibly rewarding, career path. 

Every meeting is different – and, as a member-focused community, TEAG listens to what members want and plans events with the aim to please. From public speaking sessions to software tutorials, site visits, and presentations from special guest speakers, TEAG provides the best and most comprehensive resources to help EAs and PAs thrive in their careers.

As well as finding friends for life, some members have even found career mentors at TEAG.

With thousands of members, the possibilities for personal development, networking – and, of course, fun – are endless.

Currently TEAG is run by The Saxton Group. 

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